Consultants with more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality sector, offering solutions aimed at improving results.

Our objective is to provide personalized attention and solutions aimed at the hotel sector and in particular the independent hotel or restaurant.

We have a polyglot team with perfect knowledge of the hotel market in Europe.

Our customized solutions aim to improve the performance of your company.

Thanks to our experience in large international chains, we offer proven methodology and action plans, adapting them to your business.

Our services:

  •     Quality visits and follow-up
  •     Implementation plan of improvement actions
  •     Study of the competition.
  •     Cost control
  •     SWOT Analysis.
  •     Sales Optimization
  •     Analysis of the image “online”
  •     Self Control Tools
  •     Business development

We offer these services in 5 languages.

If you are a hotel or restaurant and need some advice to improve your results do not hesitate to contact us!


As a result of Mr Paul Noël’s consultancy, regarding the improvement of quality, investments, online reputation, yield management, we have increased the results of our hotels by 15 %. His visits have been an eye opening experience for our family run Hotel Group

Domenico Cimino Owner / General Manager Cimino Hotels (Italy)

Paul Noël has the ability to detect quickly the points that need improvement. His advices and opinions are clear, precise, and most importantly, easy to put into practice. Paul also has a great ability to empathize with hoteliers, understanding our limitations of time, budget, capabability.

Paul sees the business in an objective point of view, without emotional burden, proposing realistic solutions within our reach. This eliminates mental barriers, that hotel owners put ourselves to not solve the day to day problems.

Helena Galiana Owner Hotel Prado de las Merinas (Burgos)

Paul is very profesional. For the last few years he has advised us in many aspects. He is a person who understands the hotel business and who is aware of the latest trends. His couseling has helped us improve and take into account details that we overlooked.

Elena TotoricaOwner Hotel Doña Mayor (Palencia)

Following Paul’s advices we increased room rates by 10% -15%, and even if we lost some occupancy we now increased occupancy in our restaurant which  higher standard clients. Despite this price increase, the price-quality ratio according to the surveys, is maintained.

We appreciate the advice you gave us, you are a great professional!

Sami Hammoudeh Owner Hotel Casa de Juansabeli (Asturias)
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