Let’s start with an example :

Did you know that running a restaurant it’s easier to lose money than to make profit ?

If you haven’t got your business perfectly controlled it’s impossible to get the 10 or 15 % benefit

Controlling means protecting your business.

RESTIOR provides the following industry-standard areas for assessment and

corresponding supervision:

  • Check and optimization of food and beverage ratios.
  • Control charts and check lists.
  • Staff productivity.
  • Treatment of sales statistics.
  • Action plan for short term 5% expenses reduction.
  • Drop through calculations.
  • PNL accounts
  • Budgets and anual planning
  • Improve your REVPAR

And above all : Learn how to  « read between the lines «

Statistics can be very obvious but can also drive you in the wrong direction and blow your mind at the end of the year ….

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